EMC Sports Agency

EMC Sports Agency

‘We’ve been with you every step of your journey....so who better to represent you?’

'EMC Sports Agency' team was set up in order to help young players further their career once they’ve completed their journey with EMC, as players.

Our goal is to help players we represent achieve their ambitions by giving them the correct guidance on and off the pitch.

With our specialist team in place and our expert knowledge of the Professional and Semi-Professional Game, we know we have the right guidance and support for players and parents when making life-changing decisions.

Why Choose EMC Sports Agency?

Additional FREE training sessions

Players who sign up to our Sports Agency will be prepared for each season with a Pre-Pre season by Uefa A standard coaches, alongside other high standard Professional and Semi-Professional players.

Off-field mentoring

We will help players to reach their full potential both on and off the field giving them the confidence to cope under the spotlight. Our team of specialists, who have been there and done it in the professional game, can give young players priceless advice.


Our contact list spans from the Premier League all the way down the pyramid to Step 6 in England. We have contacts around the world, including League of Ireland and the USA.

Contract negotiations

Helping players secure their first contracts, and continuing the process throughout their career.

Please note: No football intermediary can sign any player under the age of 16. Between the age of 16 and 18; the signing of a player must be via a parent or guardian.

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