You'll never beat my team, COVID 19.

The below is a heartfelt poem written by one of our Scholars about the season that never was.



You'll never beat my team, COVID 19.


So it was not to be,
Another league title for EMC.
Still a great year for my team mates & me,
Full of great memories including trips to the sea!

Larter, Anderson, Shay, Barnes, Whitehorn
Moore, Gbenga, Walker, Ward, Clark, Simmons,
Milton, Mccloy, Blackwell, Delay,
Venables, Anderson, Brider, & Co...

Missing you all so much its hard to stay sane...
From the very start we had it drummed into our brain,
You have to graft, no pain = no gain.
We worked tirelessly in the wind and rain,
Pushing ourselves to new levels again and again.

It's been a great experience, in a culture where,
Anything not EMC we will not wear,
A team with our quality and hunger-so rare,
Other teams jealous will look and stare,
But we've got each other so we don't care,
This our first year without any silverwear...
Will have our manager Jonny returning with (even more) silver hair...
Home workouts at the moment will help us prepare,
For a return to Rusthall ready to deliver trophies there!