The Dream Team

Another fantastic piece of course work by one of our Scholars...

The below is another poem written about the 2019/20 season.

Let me ask you a question, where would you rather be,
It was rhetorical, the answer is EMC,
Started from the bottom, and now we are at the top,
Jonny and Henry, kinda like pep and klopp,
Start from the source, the coaches of the course,
The ones with the magical minds,
Tactics on point and training unreal,
They're the core of the spine,
Start from the back, in between the sticks,
The lad that stops us conceding,
Come in nervous and not knowing many,
But now Peter is exceeding,
Moving to right back, we got multiple choice, options that never let down,
The boys play there and rotate their position but yet there's never a frown,
Millsy , a player that has lots of ability and nothing will keep him from winning,
Connor the same, a massive character but you will never catch him singing,
Into the middle, the central defenders, the boys that keep us intact,
One with his left the other with his right, reliable and that's a fact,
Jakey Blackwell he's one of our own, and his ping is really quite surreal,
And Reece, cool calm and calculated, baggy touch and you know he will steal,
Onto the left side and there is only one man, only one man for the job,
Jake Ward is key attack and defense and will do anything to stop a cross,
Into the middle, a formidable pair, a pair that work well together,
One does the running the other the dirty work, doesn't matter about the weather,
Toby a player that's small but will no stop run and win the ball,
Macca in the centre loves a 50/50 and will beat you in the air even if you're 6ft tall,
Pushing out wide, on the right side another couple of picks,
Both right footed both got an engine and both got bundles of tricks,
Clarky, the nicest man in football, but will never ever let down the side,
Or Jack Delay, a key player in the side and a man that has too much pride,
On the left we got a man that took a while to show the talent and a man that took time to fit in,
Brad has got ability for days, and can score goals but he trains like hes here to win,
To finish of the team we got the two upfront, two of the deadliest finishers around,
They will score most shots, bully most defenders and run them into the ground,
Kian the player who hustles and bustles and runs defenders inside out,
And Charlie Larter an energetic forward who will score a goal without a doubt,
To end off the team a person who can make a grin turn into anger and dread,
The referee Callum who will not hesitate on his team to show yellow or red,
This was meet the team and i'm sure now you know about us,
So next year bring your A game or your team will get left in the dust.